Micron is Coming and So Is More Housing In Syracuse Micron is Coming and Also More Housing

Expect an increase in housing being built in the CNY region

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Micron Technology Chip Plant is making its way to Central New York.  Along with the plant coming, that means jobs as well. with the addition of jobs comes more housing for those employees, 40,000 to be exact.

“In a little over 20 years it could double the population possibly,” said Trey West, Director of leasing at Acropolis Realty Group  in Syracuse.

Housing has been a big concern for the people of Syracuse, some say that there aren’t even enough housing for people that live here. With Micron coming to town people can expect the construction sites all over to accommodate for this.

Surprisingly there will not be an increase in housing around the Central New York region.So there wont be any worry for residents about the price of their housing to go up.

All of the surrounding areas around Syracuse will see an increase of people and jobs available to them. Especially the North Syracuse  and Clay area where the plant will be located.

“There’s a lot of development going on Downtown right now.” said associate broker Sarah Pelligrini.

Most of the construction that has been going on Downtown has been with more housing for people who want that Metropolitan feel of living. With the renovation of some of the older worn down buildings happening, this is set to bring more life back to the heart of Syracuse.

“It is going to affect local businesses, retail, everything.” West said.

Micron is going to have a lasting impact on the Central New York region for years to come as they break ground in 2024 with the building of the plant, expect the construction for housing to be here before then.




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