Middle-Class People Are to Blame for the Rising Prices in Thrift Shops Middle-Class People Are to Blame for the Rising Prices in Thrift Shops


For some time, there has been a rapid influx of middle-class people choosing to shop at thrift stores.
OUTCUE: “…find clothing that is accessible and affordable to them…”

(:15) Syracuse is known for its poor poverty rate, and it will only get worse as people are shopping at thrift stores who can realistically purchase clothing from other retail places, rather than taking the opportunity away for people in need.

(:20)” As more people get into thrifting and more people get into finding vintage clothe, it is harder to find the best stuff I would say.But there are always going to be gently used decent clothes that people can find at thrift stores.Now if you are a store, and you have a business, and you are looking for the best of the best, it is going to get harder, which in essence will drive up the prices. ”

(:12) Aufesser received his retail degree from SU, and always collected vintage clothing on the side. After owning the store for over four years, it has been a challenge to obtain good quality pieces.

(:13) Scholars and Champs might be a great vintage store in Syracuse, New York, yet they still struggle trying to find nice pieces for a great price due to middle class people buying all of these vintage clothes for their own personal use.

(:15) “I probably am making less money per item that I used to make, you know, because I do not want to price out people either. My prices have gone up, and I could eventually see it getting to a point where my prices are so high that people do not want to buy stuff, so it definitely is a concern.”

(:6) Residents of Syracuse find it unfair for people with a higher payroll to be buying clothes for the people in need.

(:19) “Recently with it becoming a kind of phenomena for the middle class and upper class to thrift and find old goods for an inexpensive price, it actually has become very hard for people who are in lower income areas to be able to find clothing that is accessible and affordable to them.”

(:03) Vanessa D’Angelo, NCC News

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