Missing Man Found Dead in his Kayak in Skaneateles Lake Missing Man Found Dead in his Kayak in Skaneateles Lake

Anchor: The New York troopers responded to the missing alert of a kayaker on Skaneatles lake and the result was unfortunate. NCC’s Malika-Budur Kalila is live from Skaneatles with the recent updates.

Reporter: That’s right, guys. I am in Skaneateles Lake. The state troopers have found a body of a kayaker who was reported missing last night. The man was identified as as 67- year-old Peter Becker. Officials say he died with natural causes while on his rowing shell. The body was found on the south side of the Lourdes Camp. We spoke to the director of the camp and here is what he shared with us.

Preston: Last night some people that I know called me and said do you know, have you heard what’s going on down the camp and I said no. We have cameras here so I turned on the camera and there were several cars down here and police cars they were looking for the person.

Reporter: Preston says he found a kayak this morning and assumes that it belongs to Becker. He is planning to call the family some time next week. The director also says this is a very tough season to boat and tells everyone who wants to go to lake to take some precautions before doing that.

Preston: Kayakers understand that right now especially with all this rain we’ve had the lake is very cold. I mean 45-46 degrees, you don’t last long in it. You certainly have to go out with life jacket. All our campers and staff wear life jacket in summer, they have to, it’s required. Even in summer the water is little bit cold, not this cold but you have to be careful and it doesn’t hurt to go out with a friend.


By Malika-Budur Kalila SKANEATELES, N.Y. (NCC News) — The New York State Police found  the body of a kayaker, who was reported missing late Wednesday night in Skaneateles Lake. According to syracuse.com,  officials said Peter Becker, 67, was found dead in his kayak on the south side of Lourdes Camp, and he  may have died due to natural causes as there is no signs of foul play. 

Mike Preston, the director of Lourdes Camp, said he witnessed police’s search last night and was very said to learn about his death. 

“It’s a tragic incident,” Preston said. “It’s awful when anybody passes away in Skaneateles Lake.” The current weather conditions make boating and kayaking very challenging and people should be cautious, he added. 

“You have to be careful and it doesn’t hurt to go with a friend,” Preston said. “It only takes one mistake … When you end up in a water and you can be in a lot of trouble.”

The director also noted he found a kayak in the camp this morning. He said  it may belong to Becker. The director said he is planning to contact Becker’s family next week, if the kayak’s owner does not show up soon. 


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Lourdes Camp staff finds a kayak Thursday morning.
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Preston said there was a similar tragedy a few years ago when a diver ran out of  air and died. No matter how much experience one has, everyone should act carefully in the lake, the director continued.

“Enjoy the lake but be safe,” he said. “That’s the biggest thing. ”

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