More CNY Child Care Centers Prepare to Reopen More CNY Child Care Centers Prepare to Reopen

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —New York state is moving towards Phase Two of the reopening. After two months of lockdown, Central New York childcare centers have done an excellent job taking care of essential workers’ children. No case of coronavirus has been reported in local child care centers.

Child Care Solutions is a nonprofit organization offering instructions and professional help in this area.

“To my knowledge, no children in CNY were exposed, same as staffs,” Child Care Solutions Executive Director Lori Schakow said.

The result is the combined effort of working under detailed guidelines. The group made a document with all the detailed guidance for reopening child care business. It includes the requirements for the organizations to record the children’s temperature every day, no longer allowing the parents to enter the building. All the toys that are shared, which may increase the possibility of contact, need to be removed. Separate meals are also recommended.

When it comes to wearing masks and social distancing, it is hard for children to know how to adapt. 

“Child care workers are required to wear masks any time children are in care. The children who come into their facilities are considered the public. Obviously, with an infantry toddler, you can’t maintain six feet of social distance, so they are required to wear masks at all times in children’s daycare. The children, however, are not required to wear masks, unless they are leaving the ground of daycare facilities,” said Schakow.

And Schakow also said funds and scholarships offered by the government are supposed to last until the end of June. So if you are one of the front-line workers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Child Care Solutions.

“Quite honestly, without child care, other essential employees with children are not able to return to work,” said Schakow.

If you are still unsure whether it’s safe enough to send your kid back to a childcare center, Schakow suggests the professional caretakers are more likely to offer better care than your relative or a college student remaining at home.

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