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coming up on mornings on the hill
governor cuomo announces a new COVID
colleges have to meet to stay open for
in-person classes
testing at the carrier dome has expanded
to meet the increase in demand
as students are tested weekly former u.s
loretta lynch released a report on
monday after a year-long review
of the department of public safety all
that pleasure weather and orange sports
coming up on this edition
of mornings on the hill
well good morning and i’m Mat Mlodzinski
thanks for joining us for mornings on
the hill
and i’m Darasha Singleton here’s a look at
some of the
stories we’ll be talking about in our
first half of the hour
our top story this hour the latest COVID
updates on campus
and now Adam Klepp joins us live good
morning Adam
good morning guys here on campus much
still remains the same with mandatory
masks and socially distanced classrooms
but what did change over that long break
a new testing protocol it has been
overhauled and expanded
the new system allows the university to
test the entire campus population
on a weekly basis but this has also come
with some growing pains
you still check in at a desk then swipe
your id
but that’s where the similarities end it
is a very different experience than it
uh in the fall we’ve in-sourced our
surveillance testing operation
built two new labs to support
a much expanded scale of our testing you
know our planning factor is to do 4,000
tests a day
but with testing at this scale and
magnitude many
students like sabrina have reported
getting back inconclusive results which
can be stressful
it says was inconclusive like i was
concerned that
okay probably like i tested positive and
they were like
saying to do the test again today COVID
everyone’s worried that if you get like
another result like that result of
you’re inconclusive you have COVID
and big news came last week with new
state guidelines as to
what would make a university go online
it is now a percentage
based system if five percent of an
entire campus population is
positive that would trigger online
classes and right now syracuse
at about 30 active cases among faculty
staff and students obviously well below
that five percent threshold live from
syracuse i’m Adam Klepp
mornings on the hill thanks Adam
students here at
su might be surprised to hear a class
going on as they’re walking through the
dome to get to their weekly test
the that class is Jeff Rubin’s IST
195 has over 200 students each semester
our Rob Flaks joins us with how the dome
has been mobilized to meet the needs of
like Rubins rob walking behind us right
here to classes and one of those classes
they might be walking to
or from is that new ist 195
in the dome now if you take a look you
can see the class they’re booming
professor Jeff Rubin’s
face onto the jumbotron you can see the
students there sitting in the chairs
listening so
not exactly the rowdy fans prior times
in the domes but they are at least using
it for something other than testing and
in fact if you’ve gotten tested you
might have actually overheard the class
now one problem with sitting in the dome
is those chairs not exactly comfortable
there was a solution and they found it
let’s take a listen
to those orange seats so the students
are more comfortable
and they’re tied down so it would like
the students couldn’t move right like
that’s your seat so for social
distancing it felt a lot safer than
just saying like you’re in seat seven on
a big metal bench
now they’re hoping the dome can be used
for other classes as well the reason
this one was selected was because of the
class size
over 200 students one of those seminar
lectures for those freshmen
when they’re first arriving in syracuse
not the only one but it is the only one
in the dome right now and administrators
are hoping they can expand that
get kids more in person and using the
dome for something other than testing
Rob Flaks mornings on the hill back to
you matt former attorney general loretta
lynch has wrapped up her review
for the department of public safety
nearly one year after
the not su movement that started it all
mornings on the hill reporter Troy Rose
has details on the investigation
lynch’s year-long investigation stemmed
from student protests
surrounding the university’s response to
racist incidents
on campus in the nearly 100 page report
by lynch
she had no problem letting dps and the
public know
there are major issues this this
requires work
it requires rethinking the drafting of
definite procedures it requires changing
the website
in many ways it requires reaching out to
specific groups on campus
and forging relationships with them su
students told cnn
that dps refused to allow members of the
to give food to students during protests
a dps officer was also accused of
attempting to grab his gun
but investigators later concluded the
officer was simply
trying to secure his holster lynch says
dps leadership
should promote responses from officers
that are sympathetic
when responding to calls university
chancellor Kent
Syverud wrote to the campus community
on monday
ensuring a better rebuild of diversity
and respect
on campus for more information on this
developing story
visit our website at
for mornings on the hill i’m Troy Rose
the community folk arts center is
celebrating black history month with a
new exhibit called
stories my grandmother told me our Caleb
Britt spoke with the artist
who tells us the inspiration behind the
good morning you can say this exhibit
has been years in the making
the artist Lavett Ballard used a mixture of art
forms and colors
to highlight the past and the present
spend that much time with a bunch of
older people and you’re the only kid
you hear all these great stories Lavett
Ballard’s work is a combination of
and memories from the women in her
family especially her grandmother
from the time i was like easily seven or
until i was up to i would say about
13 or 14 every summer
she would get me and i would ride with
on the greyhound bus all the way from
to lynchburg virginia
and we would go to the family house
Ballard used wood fire and collages to
tell the stories she heard about
family her community and history you
hear the stories mixed in with real
history so
when you look at the show it’s like that
same timeline
you kind of flow through it she also
uses pops of color
to represent the layers behind the black
i try to connect you with my own
personal stories
but i ground you with what’s going on in
the world
today’s stories can be seen through the
eyes of sandra bland
brianna taylor and atatiana jefferson
these are stories that Ballard says need
to be told today
and beyond black history month we as
artists really need to look at
trying to embrace this renaissance
uh continually tell the stories we have
to tell the stories if we don’t tell the
who else is going to tell it for us
you can see the exhibit from now until
march 20th
Ballard says that she’s extended her
exhibit until march because she wants to
celebrate both black history month
and women’s history month reporting live
Caleb Britt mornings on the hill
there still haven’t been many more
developments after an on-campus student
organization zoom meeting was hacked by
an unknown person last week
the hacker typed a racist statement into
the chat
function repeatedly and played offensive
music the university sent out an email
to all students and faculty
on the best ways to secure the zoom
meetings after the hack
it is still unclear if the hack is
affiliated with the university
the incident is still under
investigation follow along with ncc news
as more developments become available
coming up here on mornings on the hill
students were welcomed back to campus
this semester
with a new fully renovated student
center stay tuned for an inside look
coming up after the break
time to check your weather for today
Manny Martinez is live out on university
avenue to tell us what we can expect
yeah guys good morning here in syracuse
it’s one of those days with temperatures
up above freezing in winter so it’s
one of those mornings where you didn’t
have to break out the winter jacket and
that’s a good morning in my book as we
take a look at where we stand right now
earlier this morning it was 31 degrees
mostly cloudy the sun was battling its
through the clouds but it’s since
receded we got winds at three miles an
hour out of the south
southeast and current temperatures
as of seven o’clock this morning 34 in
rochester 31 in syracuse
36 as you head out further east to
schenectady in albany
down south 30 in binghamton 25 in
um and ahead to the almanac
37 degrees is our high as of right now
we’re supposed to get to about 45
today uh low this morning and overnight
28 degrees
the average on this day february 24th is
36 degrees we are nowhere close to the
record of 69
that we set back in 2017 but also again
nowhere close to that negative seven
that’s seven below
1914. and now moving ahead to the
five-day forecast 45 degrees today our
forecast high like i said
tomorrow is the one day in the
with temperatures below freezing with 31
our forecasted high
friday start to rise again 38 degrees
saturday and sunday it’ll be a nice
weekend in the 40s
45 on saturday 43 on sunday so if you
want to get outside this weekend enjoy
some time
might have to battle some precipitation
but at least the temperatures will be on
your side and then as you expand into
further days along the week temperatures
in the 30s
and 40s so we might be saying goodbye to
the 20s perhaps
maybe not just yet to want to jump the
gun on that so that’s your check of the
weather here from the weather deck back
to you guys in studio
Schine student center officially opened
their doors last monday just in time for
the start of the spring semester
after being under renovation for almost
two years the new center
has expanded its dining options bringing
back some of the classics
as well as introducing some new choices
that can also be found in the local cny
dunkin donuts and tomato wheel makes
reappearance but students can
also explore new local and nationwide
these include core life eatery halal
shack panda express
and biscotti cafe hours of each food
stand vary
but you can certainly find something new
to try
escape from the orange zone is a phrase
that sounds a lot
like a title to a science fiction movie
but in reality
it is a special beer release from
syracuse breweries
that celebrates the end of state orange
zone restrictions
the same restrictions which once shut
down bars
indoor tasting rooms and several
restaurants for three months
seven breweries location in the
city of syracuse
collaborated on this limited edition
release beer
the beer is hazy that can be found in
the number of locations in the syracuse
as the restriction liftings are
celebrated a syracuse student
gives her thoughts on this limited
edition beer
i love the beer i went to the brewing
company willow rock
just this past weekend and i really
think the cause is great because
it basically is a way to drum up
business because business was so
difficult in 2020
and now since the brewing companies can
stay open more and restaurants are later
as well
i just think supporting your local
businesses and restaurants is a really
good thing to do
coming up on mornings on the hill the
men’s basketball team suffers a tough
loss to duke
and the indoor track and field team is
off and running this week at the acc
championship at clemson all those sports
and more
coming up
good morning i’m Samantha Croston with
your orange sports update here on
mornings on the hill
going into monday night syracuse men’s
basketball knew this
a win over duke would bolster their ncaa
tournament resume
then the first half happened poor
defense led to the blue devils knocking
down 10
threes on their way to an 18 point
halftime lead that’s a position the
orange is used to as of late
and after a comeback win down 20 against
notre dame on saturday
you might have had a little hope this
time though the hole was just too
deep to dig out of with the orange
falling 85-71
head coach Jim Boeheim blamed the loss on
a lack of effort
no i didn’t play defense in the first
half well
at this stage of the season
i don’t know that that’s something i
understand the orange will have to step
it up when they pay a visit to georgia
tech on saturday
a game that could be their last chance
at a quadrant one win
the syracuse women’s lacrosse team also
opened up their season this past weekend
against loyola
picking up a convincing 18-6 win the
orange got a trademark four-goal
performance from Emily Harris Chuck
and a taste of why two tyrells are
better than one sisters megan and emma
connected on the field for the very
first time
emma tyrell scoring her first career
goal on this behind the back shot
off of an assist from guess who her big
the tyrells combined for five goals and
seven points in the game and while the
offense was dominant don’t forget about
syracuse’s defense
led by fifth year goalkeeper asa
goldstock the orange kept the greyhound
attack in check
holding them to six goals on 14 shots
next up the women get to play at home
for the first time this season
as they face off against rival opponent
stony brook this saturday at 10 a.m
syracuse men’s lacrosse also opened
their season at the dome on sunday
but it was number 13 army west point who
dished out the loss to the fourth ranked
in a game that captured the meaning of
the phrase a tale of two halves
let’s jump right into the first half it
was all syracuse and the first quarter
was the tucker dordovic show
the red shirt sophomore netted a hat
trick in just 12 minutes of action
helping syracuse build a four goal lead
at the end of the first
second quarter more dordovic 12 yards
grips it rips it scoring his fourth of
the game on a man-up opportunity
army fights their way back though tying
the game up at seven thanks to this
snipe from nicholas ettinger
syracuse ends the half down 1 8-7
on to the second half and this is where
army really hit their stride
the black knights outscored syracuse
10-4 and upset the number four orange
18-11. the syracuse men’s team will have
a chance to redeem themselves
this saturday at 6 p.m against number
three virginia
a sport that has no benches no timeouts
and no half time have you guessed it yet
i’m talking about track
and our live field reporter Kathina
Montgomery has more information on just
last year at the acc indoor track
championship the boys got 14th place
but this year they are hungry for
success the biggest difference seen from
last year to this year is that there are
a lot of new faces
wearing orange the biggest thing we had
a huge recruiting class we recruited
about eight
freshmen on the boys side in the boys
men’s sprint side
and uh you know they came in ready you
know they were
one of the top recruits in their class
and they was able to come in
you know they’re making instant impacts
and they’re showing a lot of bright
future to the team
bringing high energy every day always
very competing always ready so
i definitely think i uh their energy
that they brought in definitely uh
changed a lot for our team and it’s
heading towards a good way this past
week in practice the guys have been
implementing a little friendly
competition to get each other motivated
like we actually had a we had another
competitive practice on saturday or we
just going at each other necks like you
know so we’re
just you know we love each other but you
know we want to make each other better
we want to be the best all of us want to
be the best so like
this today’s energy was crazy so that’s
just gonna
you know carry us into you know this
week despite starting the season late
and having to quarantine due to COVID 19
adams has high hopes for the team this
we just we can’t we’re going to come out
of nowhere this year and this sentence
for this year is who is these guys like
that that’s what we try and come in
we’re going to surprise people
and if y’all missed us hey we’re coming
although i wasn’t able to sit down with
one of the women from the syracuse
track and field team they will be
running in the championship this weekend
as well the races are set to start
tomorrow and you can catch all the
action on the acc network
the broadcast is set to start at 9:30
a.m eastern
for mornings on the hill i’m kathina
montgomery back to you in the studio
the featured game of the week is
syracuse men’s basketball’s comeback win
against notre dame
the fighting irish took the lead early
and after a handful of made three
pointers they were up 14
at the half notre dame pushed the lead
up 20
four minutes into the second half but
the orange fought back hughes went on a
run for the remainder of the game and
won 75-67
marking the biggest comeback win for the
orange since 2005.
the mvp of the night was Buddy Boeheim
finishing with a career-high 29 points
relieve stress but it’ll be in a very
unconventional way
stay with us that story and more just
whether you’re stressed because of the
pandemic or of school
or even both smash therapy syracuse will
allow you to blow off some steam
in a safe way as possible mornings on
the heels Talha Rao
tells us how the business is coming to
syracuse at just the right time
originally from rochester new york smash
therapies allows customers to break
all kinds of stuff with all kinds of
weapons i went around
campus to see what students think of
smash coming to syracuse
i have to go with a baseball bat i was
never good at actual baseball so if
something stationary that i can hit with
a baseball bat then i’m all for it
smashers must wear safety goggles
helmets and body suits
items ready to destroy include tvs and
kitchen appliances
baseball bats crowbars and sledgehammers
are just some of the few weapons to pick
as people are cooped up at home smash
therapy provides a setting where people
are in their own room with the people
they came with
for college students this is the perfect
getaway from the weekly stress
excited because the plan is to open it
can really help them
get through college
the plan is to open
this spring and although the location is
still undecided
the owner has alluded to destiny usa as
being the perfect spot to open up the
rage room
with mornings on the hill this is
Talha Rao back to you guys in the studio
what a way to de-stress while you
destroy now matt do you think you’ll be
going to
smash some things i mean possibly you
never know if i’m upset at a newscast
maybe i’ll make my way down there i
think i’d choose a nine iron though
okay yeah that seems perfect i mean i
want to see what i can really
get into out there it should be fun
but that’s going to do it for us this
wednesday here on mornings on the hill
i’m Mat Mlodzinski make sure to follow us
on social media and i’m Darasha
Singleton thanks for watching orange
we’ll see you next week live at
wednesday 10 am
right here on otn

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