N.Y. Vape Ban Grace Period Impacts Local Shop N.Y. Vape Ban Delay Impacts Local Shop

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (NCC News) — Premium E-Cigs and Vapor Shop will not sell different products during the  two-week grace period for flavored vaping liquids and cartridges. The original vaping ban was supposed to go into effect on Oct. 4.

With a two-week period between the original ban date and the Oct. 18 legal battle between Vapor Technology Association and New York State, Premium E-Cigs and Vapor Shop will continue with normal business.

“The flavored e-liquids make up the bulk of our sales. And additional products aren’t going to save our business,” said Greg Finch, general manager of the shop.

More than 95% of the store’s flavored vaping liquids would be deemed illegal with a permanent ban, according to Finch. Finch is frustrated with the unknown future of his products.

“It makes it impossible to run a business,” said Finch. “There’s no way to plan or schedule for anything.”

Some users are planning on a ban.

“If the ban fully goes through, I’m probably just going to try and live off that one large stack of stuff that I buy before I run out of everything,” said Zach Valerino, 21, a customer of the shop.

Valerino has vaped for two years as a way to eliminate his use of cigarettes.

Last Thursday, Finch said the store had a major increase in sales due to the then looming vape ban. Finch said he will not buy more liquids or cartridges until after the Oct. 18 court decision.



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