National Pet Day’s Meaning this Year to Central New York National Pet Day's Importance in Central New York

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Today is National Pet Day, but here in Central New York the CNYSPCA is experiencing an increase in the amount of animals that are being brought into the shelter.  Talia Gerardi, NCC News reporter, explained why the shelter is seeing an increase and what it means for the future.

The number of unclaimed stray animals at the CNYSPCA has increased since people began to start living more normal lives as COVID numbers have died down. Dee Schaefer, Humane Education and Administrative Assistant at CNYSPCA explained they are receiving about 60 new animals a month while running short staff on employees and volunteers.

“When people were home um maybe one or two strays were not claimed and now as people are getting busy what were finding is that the strays are not being claimed and they’re strays that are between a year and a year and a half old so they’re pandemic dogs,”  she said.

With over 150 pets up for adoption right now, Cynthia Roundy who has volunteered at the shelter for 8 years now hoped since the shelter is back open to the public this will help the uptick they are seeing in strays.

“They just recently reopened for um the public to come in and to visit, but um you know so during COVID there wasn’t any of that, ” she said.

Schaefer explained that her job is a tough one as she is an avid pet lover and it doesn’t get easy over time, but she found a way to decompress.

“And a lot of people have asked me how I how I do this I I go home at night and I journal and I color and after a really bad day I don’t even talk to my husband I just go upstairs and shut myself in my room and cry for just a little bit it you have to,” she said.

The CNYSPCA is creating more events to raise awareness and money for the shelter. They also will have donation boxes here later this month to help with the increase in animals arriving.

To aid with low staff numbers the CNYSPCA is always looking for volunteers to help.

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