Nationwide Gas Price Increase Affects Syracuse Nationwide Gas Price Increase Affects Syracuse

Nationwide Gas Price Increase Affects Business and Residents in Syracuse

By Josh Widman SYRACUSE , N.Y. (NCC News)- Syracuse has fallen victim to the increase in gas prices that is currently spreading across the country. According to AAA, the average price of gas has gone up $0.05. The price of regular gas at Valero on Erie Blvd. East in Syracuse has swelled by $0.15. David Cooper, cashier at Valero and Key Pizza, explained that the increased prices affect business and sometimes forces residents to make a choice.

“The cost of living’s high, you know,” Cooper said. “They can’t always afford the gas and um I think that has a lot to do with sales.”

Central New York resident, Michael Graddy fills the tank in his SUV up about once a week. Not only is this price increase taking more money out of his wallet, it is forcing him to reconsider his vehicle of choice.

“It has actually influence me,” Graddy said. “To start looking at more fuel-efficient cars.”

For now, he still has his SUV. However, the vehicle’s tendency to go through gas quickly has impacted  just what Graddy can do and where he can go with it.

“I try to avoid traveling long distances,” Graddy stated. “I try to save resources.”

Cooper believes that Graddy and the rest of the drivers in this country won’t see as drastic an increase in price once the weather gets warmer.



According to Triple-A, the average price of gas is up five cents throughout the country. N-CC News’ Josh Widman is at a local gas station to find out how this is impacting the business
and customer sides of gas.
Gas prices are rising across the nation and Syracuse is no exception. Valero cashier, David
Cooper has a simple explanation.
David Cooper
(“People are greedy”)
Cooper is referring to the people who make the prices there but says that the price increase
is effecting business because it forces some people to make a choice.
David Cooper
(“Price of living’s high, you know, they can’t always afford the gas and um I think that has a
lot to do with the sales.”)
Cooper believes that a transition into warmer weather will coincide with a less drastic price
David Cooper
(“I think when it’s nicer out I don’t think the gas prices are gonna rise too much.”
Michael Graddy (Gray-Dee) fills his tank about once a week but this recent trend of higher
gas prices has him reconsidering his vehicle of choice.
Michael Graddy
(“It has actually influenced me to start looking at a more fuel-efficient car.”
With the car Graddy has now, the current prices have limited where he can go.
Michael Graddy
(“I try to avoid doing things, uh, travelling long distances now. I try to save resources.”)
Josh Widman
Despite what it looks like outside, spring is on its way and with that, more people will be on
the road which means more people will be filling up gas. People like Graddy who drive
more in the spring and summer months won’t have to worry about higher gas prices. From
Erie Boulevard East, Josh Widman, N-C-C News.

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