NCC News Podcast August 1st NCC News Podcast August 1st

Patrick Smith: It’s Tuesday, August first. I’m Patrick Smith reporting for N-C-C News. Here are the stories making headlines today. – Syracuse Police are participating in the annual National Night Out. The event that is taking place tonight from four to seven P-M promotes positive relationships between Police and the community. Syracuse Police Lieutenant Matthew Malinowski says it’s a great way to stay connected to one another.

Malinowski: I find it to be a very successful event and an opportunity where we can get together with each other one on one as people not necessarily as law enforcement officer to citizen.

Smith: Get ready for the new musical at Landmark Theatre this September here in Syracuse. Tickets for the “Mean Girls” show go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM. Ever since its 2004 release, promoter for Broadway in Syracuse Ashley Yacobush says, it’s a must-see.

Ashley Yacobush: So it’s a show that’s full of energy, plenty of humor, you know, is a very popular show that everyone loves.

Smith: The show will run from September 26th until the 30th.

Smith: The Q Center has established a warm and inclusive haven for the LGBTQ community to find a true sense of belonging and acceptance. At the Q center, you can access services for name and gender change. Director of Youth Family and Education Services, Steven Simone (Si-Moan), says the Q center offers lots of helpful things to support people.

Steven Simone: Any of the care management stuff that we mentioned before health insurance medical provides, mental health providers to help navigate those process. We have a family peer advocate on staff.

Smith: A high of 74 with sunny skies today. You can put those rain jackets and umbrellas away as there is no precipitation in the forecast. Tonight’s low will reach a brisk 54 degrees. For N-C-C News, I’m Patrick Smith. You can find full stories on our website at N-C-C-News-Online-Dot-Com.

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