NCC News Podcast August 3 NCC News Podcast August 3

Nick Capella: It’s Thursday August eighth, I’m Nick Capella reporting for N-C-C News. Here are today’s stories. – Micron breaks down the mystery of the microchip in their new exhibit opening today at the Museum of Science and Technology. Daniel Hayden, an elementary school teacher, says the exhibit is a great way for kids to become educated on the technology.

Daniel Hayden: I think that it looks chic it looks modern I think it’s very contemporary and I think it takes a lot of everyday technology elements that we use in our lives whether it be a gaming station or an iPhone and displays them in a way that’s really fun and interactive.

Nick Capella: Syracuse has made it’s COVID comeback according to the Downtown Committee’s Communications Associate, Vanessa Szwejbka (Sh-web-skuh). Szwejbka oversees the downtown farmer’s market and arts and crafts festival. She says event participants are happy with the amount of foot traffic recently.

Vanessa Szwejbka: They’ve expressed they’re happy with the traffic and it does feel like those pre pandemic days which is really good to hear.

Nick Capella: A new exhibit at the Everson showcases American pop culture through the eyes of Onondaga Nation member and artist Frank Buffalo Hyde. N-C-C News’ Jonathon Kinane spoke with local artist, Tracy Thomas who is also a member of the Onondaga Nation about the new exhibit.

Tracy Thomas: We’ve got a rich history we do art to our craft is to teach people about us because we’re still here.

Nick Capella: N-C-C’s Amalia Brownell talks with Troy Waffner with the Syracuse S-P-C-A on how dogs can struggle when they don’t find their forever home.

Troy Waffner: No matter how much we socialize them and how much we walk them no matter how much we pay them still not living their best life I mean their best life is with a family or a couple or an individual out running and playing and enjoying indoors outdoors and everything that can be enjoyed.

Nick Capella: N-C-C News, I’m Nick Capella reporting. You can find full stories on our website. N-C-C-News-Online-Dot-Com.

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