NCC News Podcast March 29 NCC News Podcast March 29

WILL HENTSCHEL: Welcome into the NCC News Podcast, we’re your hosts. I’m Will Hentschel.

ALEXA GONZALEZ: And I’m Alexa Gonzalez.

HENTSCHEL: It is March 29th, 2023.

GONZALEZ: It was a little cold walking into the studio this morning. We have Yale Kolin here to tell us a little more about what’s to come this weekend.

YALE KOLIN: Today it’s gotten a little warmer, the high is expected to be 53 degrees. Thursday, tomorrow, is going to be a bit on the cloudier side, 37 degrees. Friday and Saturday, expect some rain, with highs in the 50s on Friday and mid-60s on Saturday. We’re going to get thunderstorms on Saturday as well. Sunday’s going to be significantly cooler, but at least there will not be quite so much rain. We’re expecting relatively clear skies, high of 37 on Sunday.

HENTSCHEL: Thanks so much, Yale.

GONZALEZ: The weather can be so unpredictable up here, especially in the winter time. You would think it isn’t the most ideal destination for young people but think again…

HENTSCHEL: Syracuse was listed as one of the top cities in the country for Gen Z to move to. We have reporter Hannah Ferrera here. Hannah can you tell us a little more about that.

HANNAH FERRERA: Yeah, so Syracuse has been listed as the number seven most popular city in the U.S. for Gen-Z – that’s age 18-24 – to be moving to.I spoke with a real estate agent here in Syracuse and he said there are a number of factors that are contributing to this. Some of the big ones are that there are many job opportunities here in Syracuse, both blue and white-collar. And he also said it’s a great place for urban life, an urban city, and it’s easy to get around and transportation isn’t too bad.

GONZALEZ: Thank you, Hannah.

This could be another reason for young people to move to New York. A possible minimum wage increase could be in the works for New Yorkers. Labor activists are now pushing to raise that wage from $15 to $21.25.

HENTSCHEL: If the bill passes the wage wouldn’t be raised until 2026 but still could be a big win for the people.

GONZALEZ: In some more local news, earlier today, another tractor-trailer collided with the Onondaga Parkway Bridge.

HENTSCHEL: The notoriously low bridge has a clarence of less than 11 feet, opposed to the standard 14 feet tall. This is the second instance of a truck colliding with the bridge in nine days.

And for a look at local sports, let’s go to Dan Mallea.

DAN MALLEA: Yeah thanks guys. The biggest thing going on right now is Opening Day. Major League Baseball opens its season tomorrow. The Yankees will be in action at 1:05, and the Mets at 4:05. We also have Final Four Action coming up this weekend. The Syracuse Mets will also open their season this weekend as well, so a lot going on in sports.

HENTSCHEL: Thank you Dan.

GONZALEZ: That’s all for this edition of the NCC News Podcast. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at NCC-News-Online, and check out our full stories at

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