Mayor Barlow Presents New City Initiative NEW CITY INITIATIVE

OSWEGO, N.Y. (NCC News) – Mayor  Billy Barlow has a new plan to protect the environment and health of the community in the city of Oswego.

The plan focuses on preventing littering, banning smoking and vaping on city property, and banning the use and sale of Styrofoam. Restaurant owners in the city of Oswego will have to change  their prices now that Styrofoam materials are being removed.

“The drawback is the Styrofoam containers which are nine cents a piece where you jump to the biodegradeable containers which go up to 89 cents a piece and obviously we have to up the price. If consumers gets upset,” said Doug Warner, Kitchen  Manager at River’s Edge TaQueria.

“We would either have to donate the Styrofoam to somewhere that was excepting them or yes we would have to buy all new materials,”  Warner said.

As a result of the ban, Warner will now have to throw away products, and may have to spend more money on new restaurant supplies.

Clean City Initiative Proposal

“I understand the cost. I understand it’s hard to change, but at the same time, I think we have an obligation to protect our environment and also look out for the health of our consumers,” said Mayor Barlow.

Oswego businesses are not thrilled about the new change set to happen April 22, 2020 . Mayor Barlow said the new plan will bring positive change to the city.

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