New Form of Fitness Brings Out Community New Form of Fitness Brings Out Community

By Alazia Williams SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Opening its doors to the Central New York community only 8 months ago, Syracuse Ninja Barracks is looking forward to bringing change to the local fitness scene.

Syracuse Ninja Barracks began in the backyard of Coach Ryan Scott, who was born and raised in Syracuse.  Inspired by the NBC show, American Ninja Warrior, Scott decided to build an entire obstacle course to train in 2015.

Students in the gym.
Students at Syracuse Ninja Barracks in Liverpool, NY.
© 2018 Syracuse Ninja Barracks

Shortly after, Ryan opened his backyard to the community and eventually found a space to house what is now the official location of Syracuse Ninja Barracks. Barracks has an obstacle course that consists of 10-20 obstacles mixing balance, agility, strength, intelligence and grip.

This past weekend, Ninja Barracks hosted its first in-house competition to showcase what the students have been working on.

Ryan said it was very important to bring something like this to Central New York because growing up in Syracuse his options were to go outside or using his imagination. Ninja Barracks brings a new style to the area.

Some residents who participate said that the atmosphere and positive support from Ryan is what makes the experience worth it.

The website says the gym’s goal is to challenge, improve, and stimulate their minds and bodies,while providing a fun and functional environment for obstacle training, calisthenics, tumbling, birthday parties, camps, and everything in between for both kids and adults.


Syracuse Ninja Barracks is located at 604 Old Liverpool Road

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