New Law Passed That Will Help School Bus Drivers And Riders New Law permits cameras where they have never been allowed before

Morgan Alexander: Schools in New York State can now install cameras on the red stop sign that comes out from the side of a stopped bus. Vehicles that pass stopped buses will now be fined 250 dollars. South Jefferson school district transportation supervisor, John Groff says that there is a great need for these cameras.

John Groff: In New York State there is about an average of 50,000 a day that pass a school bus.

Morgan Alexander: Groff says that the addition of bus stop arm cameras will add a new level of safety for passengers.

John Groff: I believe the cameras are going to help a lot and I think that if they start fining these people maybe they will start getting the point that this isn’t something they should be doing.

Morgan Alexander: The law takes effect in 30 days and the cost of these cameras will be accounted for in the schools budget.
Morgan Alexander, N-C-C News.

By Morgan Alexander ADAMS CENTER, NY (NCC News)- Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a law that allows schools in New York State to install cameras on the stop arms of school buses. Drivers that are caught on camera speeding past a stopped bus would be charged a $250 fine.

John Groff, South Jefferson School District transportation supervisor, said that this is an issue that needed to be addressed.

“In New York State there is about an average of 50,000 a day that pass a school bus,” said Groff.

Groff said that specifically at South Jefferson this has been an ongoing issue that they are hoping to put an end to.

” It happens every single day of the week. It could happen in the morning or afternoon or even in school parking lots even,” said Groff.

Groffs attributes people speeding pass stopped buses to the high paced day in age that we live in. With that being said, this new law is hopefully going to put an end to people putting young children in danger.

School districts will have the choice if they want to implement these cameras or not. It is important to note that  the addition of these cameras will have the ability to generate extra money for the local government through these fines.

This law will go into effect in 30 days and those who choose to install these cameras will be required to do reports sent to the  legislature that show how many tickets are being issued and how many different cameras were installed.

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