New Option For Pizza Lovers New Option For Celiac Pizza Lovers


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — As young people become more aware of food allergies, conditions such as celiac disease, are front and center on college campuses. The search for the perfect gluten free foods can sometimes be a struggle. Pizza is a popular food among college students, and gluten-free crust is a must for those dealing with celiac. 

Natalie Wolf, Syracuse University student, is celiac and said that the opening of Blaze Pizza provides another option for students with Celiac. 

After a while I get so sick and tired of ordering the same pizza every weekend,” Wolf said. 

For Natalie, a gluten- free lifestyle isn’t an option it’s a necessity, and restaurants like Blaze help normalize her dietary restrictions.

I feel like a normal student now I can go and have dinner with my friends and not worry about being home alone having dinner by myself,” Wolf said. 

For Sydney Rosenthal, Syracuse University student, eating gluten-free is a lifestyle choice rather than a severe allergy.

“I noticed that when I eliminated gluten from my diet, I felt so much better,” Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal enjoys the taste of gluten-free crust and is excited about the opening of Blaze.

“Now I don’t have to feel guilty eating regular pizza crust,” Rosenthal said. “I feel healthier eating this way and am happy that Blaze has more options for people with and without allergies.”

Blaze provides artisanal pizza that is personalized for each customer.

“I like how they make it right in front of you, so you know they don’t cross contaminate,” Wolf said. “This is a great alternative from the frozen pizzas I usually have to make at home.”

Wolf said that now she can enjoy a midnight study snack pizza without having to worry about her allergy and  hopes that more gluten-free restaurants will be available in the near future.



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