New Spending Study Gets Parents Thinking New Spending Study Gets Parents Thinking

AUBURN, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Recently, results of a article tracking the “per pupil” spending rate for each of the elementary, middle, and high schools in the Syracuse area have parents discussing the dynamics of properly educating a child in Central New York.

The study listed Remsen Junior-Senior High in Oneida County as the most-resourced school, spending almost $35,000 on each of its 179 pupils. Union Springs Middle, in the Finger Lakes region, was calculated as the least resourced, totaling just $7,135 spent on average for their 173 kids. Expeditionary Learning Middle School was the most resourced within Syracuse city limits, coming in over $23,000 spent per pupil.

While the numbers did draw an interesting picture, parents say the numbers need to be considered in context, in relation to student population size and the skewing of the study to smaller, more rural schools.

However, the study sparked the discussion and exploration of other educational topics, including the privatization of school funding and access to quality public school education based on state, with many parents viewing New York as on the high-quality end of public education systems.

“That’s why, when people complain about taxes, I’m like, ‘Well, you can move to other areas of the country,'” said Mike Waters, parent of two graduates of the West Genesee school district. “And I’m not going to name them, but yeah, you’re not going to pay taxes, but if you have kids, you’ll have to pay that same money to send them to a private school.”

Meanwhile, for Auburn-area social worker Taylor Emmi, a single parent to a rising 10th grader at Auburn High, she says there no other way to ensure your child’s success like personal involvement in the process.

“You need to stay involved. Like, I’m one of those moms, the teacher may hate hearing from me, but I’m going to stay involved. I want to know what’s going on, with their school work, how they are in school, I want to know all of that.”



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