New Study Says Skip Breakfast to Lose Healthy Weight, Others Disagree New Study Says Skip Breakfast to Lose Healthy Weight, Others Disagree

Some Nutrition Organizations Say This May Not Be The Healthiest Way

By Kayla Burton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Have you ever heard of the phrase, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” For many, this saying has been non-controversial and fairly accurate. A recent study has tested this saying and discovered opposing results.

Scientists at the University of Bath in England recently conducted a new study finding, after testing 12 physically fit men, that skipping breakfast prior to working out and waiting until lunchtime to eat, is more likely to have you consume less calories throughout the day. As explained in the article, 12 men were examined for three back-to-back mornings to see which strategy was successful in terms of losing weight in a healthy way.

The first day, these men were given a 430 calorie bowl of oatmeal and rested for several hours, the second day the men were given the same breakfast before riding a bike moderately for an hour. The third day, the men did not eat anything but rode the bike, and ate lunch later on. After examining all 12 men among the three days, the results show that the third day, men lost more weight.

Many questions rise to the occasion here. For instance, do these results only impact men, and how would women react to this experiment? If the workout is more or less intense, would the results be the same? Is this overall a healthy way to lose weight? Etc…

After bringing this attention to Baldwinsville’s Smokey Hollow Crossfit trainers and owner, they had a fairly different response to this experiment.

“I’d be concerned,” owner Tim MacConaughy said. “Here we think long term. At least for me, I know I need to eat before a workout to sustain energy. Would I lose weight if I didn’t? Well, yes. But ultimately, the long term goal is what we teach here and I’d be concerned about this study which seems to be only a quick fix.”

The University of Bath scientists added that this study still has more to investigate in response to various questions from different audiences.


Most of us have heard the phrase breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Well it gives us energy to get a kick start to our day. And if you’re someone who likes to start your day with a morning workout, you definitely need that energy to do so.

A newly tested three-day-morning study by In the Journal of Nutrition tested 12 fit young men, ultimately finding that skipping breakfast before working out, actually reduces the amount of calorie intake throughout the day.

Crossfit Smokey Hollow Trainer Julia Kamide says she isn’t surprised by this finding. She says it may only be successful depending on the goal one is trying to reach.

“For fat loss, for sure, if you can do it. For performance, probably not, depending right? If you can hit the amount of calories or food that you need in a certain time restricted window and still feel great for your workout, that’s really good.”

“This new study is telling those who rise and grind, and come to places such as Crossfit in the morning, to hold off on the eating prior to a workout. The owner of the crossfit says he’s not to sure about all of this.”

“I would be concerned about the sustainability over time with that, right? Because for myself, if I am not eating or eating a low calorie diet, and a lot of it has to do with the components you’re eating. What are your macros? Your protein, carbs, fat, as it relates to what you need to meet your individual goals. If those are too low, you’re not going to be able to sustain that over time. Weight loss, you may continue to lose weight but you’re also going to lose stamina, strength, so I think it’s more goal oriented. I see it as a short term fix. I’d be concerned about that over time.”

Although both MacConaghy and Kamide say this study may be in fact true, thinking long term, and fueling your body whenever it needs the energy, is most likely to be the best result for everyone.

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