New York State’s Largest Construction Project Begins New York State's Largest Construction Project Begins

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The City of Syracuse is embarking on a monumental Viaduct project, which stands as one of the most significant undertakings in New York State’s construction history.

The ambitious initiative aims to completely transform Syracuse’s I-481/I-81 interchange, leading to the creation of new I-81 and Business Loop 81, accompanied by extensive enhancements to roads and bridges.

Dacota Lamanteer, a Bridgeport resident, is confident that the roads are in good and stable condition.

“Yeah, I mean, for the first six years it will impact the community because everybody’s drive time would be way longer. But I mean, afterward. No. I mean, I don’t even think I-481’s or I-81’s remotely bad at all,” said Lamanteer.

It is hoped new construction will improve the mobility and accessibility to downtown, hospitals, and Syracuse University, all while prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Maria Garcia, a Syracuse resident, believes that the project is essential and needed for the city.

“481 and 81 are filled with potholes. So like, if they’re going to do something, they have to at least do it nicely if they’re going to put all the money into it,” said Garcia.

The construction phase is expected to span six years and requires a substantial investment of $2.25 billion. However, the community believes that the lasting positive impact on transportation and urban connectivity will make the project a worthy investment in the future.

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