New York Voters Will Have Big Changes Coming in 2020 New York Voters will Have Big Changes Coming in 2020

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Up until the 2018 New York State mid-term election, Republicans had majority control over the state’s senate and the assembly. Now that Democrats have control over both state legislative bodies, they’ve  begun  making immediate changes to state laws, starting with a new voting reform package. N-C-C News Naiya Brooks and Danielle Bulluck explains how the new voting laws will work in the election.



New York state has some of the most outdated voting laws in the US.
But not for long
January 2019, New York passed a new voting reform package.
But today we will focus on three laws within the package that is bringing New York voting to the 21 century.
(Track 2 Universal Registration Transfer)
(Danielle: )
In less than 60 days the universal registration transfer will go into effect.
{*** SOT FULL 2***}
[TAKE SOT (“Universal transfer will allow that portability of
DURATION:0’09”] your voter registration to cross county lines. It
will keep us from pre-registering people.”)
(Change Screen City Transitions)
So lets say you live in Syracuse But You’re moving to Albany (Walk Out and In the camera)
The board of election will automatically transfer your voting registration to that county.
(Track 3: Pre-Registration for Minors)
Another Law in the package allow minors to register to vote early.
There aren’t many qualifications…
{*** SOT FULL 1 ***} Dustin
[TAKE SOT (“But if you’re a citizen and your turning 16.
DURATION:0’05”] You’ll be eligible to register to vote”)
When a minor registers, their application will be considered pending until their 18th birthday.
Then the Board of Election will automatically
process their pending application to be approved.
January 2020, New York will join 22 other states already offering pre-registration to minors.
(Track 5: Early Voting)
This brings us to Early Voting.
This is easily one of the most controversial parts of the voting reform package.
In some states early voting can start up to 45 days earlier than the traditional election day.
That causes concerns about voter fraud…
and for voters who change their mind after their vote is cast.
For example, that could happen if a candidate says or does something problematic as the campaign is winding down.
But Starting January 2020 New York State reform would allow just eight days of early voting.
(Naiya: )
Supporters say the change helps suppressed voters who don’t have the time or means to vote on election day.
{*** SOT FULL 3 ***}
[TAKE SOT (” Professionals, who have a busy schedule. DURATION:0’11”] There going to help single moms, who are
balancing child care, Shift workers who work non-traditional schedules. They can choose when their available and when they can go vote”)
There are currently 37 other states that already offer early voting and studies show that early voting means more people vote.
(Graphic: This is when the Map will come down. It display states who have and don’t have early voting)
Those are just three voting laws coming to New York.
Tune into NCC News for updates on the voting reform package and updates for upcoming elections. (Both of Us:)
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