No Alcohol Without Food Mandate to be Removed No Alcohol Without Food Mandate Could be Removed

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – New York State Republicans are trying to get Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s no alcohol with food order removed, suggesting that it is only hurting businesses rather than helping them.

With bars requiring the purchase of food with alcoholic drinks, many have been left feeling frustrated having to take more money out of their pockets.

On July 16, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered that all bars in the state of New York will no longer be allowed to serve their customers alcohol unless they also order food.

The order was put in place in order to eliminate walk-up bar service and to prevent customers from congregating in bars, as a means to avoid increased exposure to COVID-19.

Republican state Sen. Rob Ortt said in a statement that there is no correlation between increased exposure to COVID-19 and customers being forced to order food with their alcoholic beverages.

“This order was completely arbitrary, with absolutely no scientific data to back it up,” Ortt said.  “Our bars and restaurants continue to struggle under burdensome mandates passed on by the governor, and lifting this one is a no-brainer.”

Bars like Margaritas Mexican Cantina, located on Walton Street, have taken notice of their customers becoming increasingly frustrated ever since the order was put into place.

Customer Olivia Angerosa said the order has completely changed her perspective on what it is like to go out to bars.

“I think a lot of people actually go out to get drinks, maybe prior to going out to eat,” Angerosa said. “So that is something I would run into where I would actually want to get a drink somewhere and then go somewhere else to eat, but then I would have to eat something else there. So, then I’m buying twice, so that was kind of a challenge.”

Margaritas never wants to force their customers to order something from the menu they do not wish to have. One of Margaritas bartenders even took notice of how their regulars were becoming fed up with having to order food when they just wanted to enjoy a drink.

“People are so sick of it,” Brian Carr said. “Especially my regulars they come in everyday, they go to Limerick, they go here, every other bar they are sick of getting food at every bar, so it would definitely be a lot easier to deal with.”

The normal experience of going to Margaritas and sitting down at the bar has completely changed. With bars already at limited capacity, customers are now forced to sit down in a booth and have their drinks be accompanied by at least one food item.

New Yorkers are hopeful the order will soon be lifted as State Republicans press forward.

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