OCC to Host Huge Basketball Tournament OCC to Host Huge Basketball Tournament

Kendra: A city that lives and breathes orange basketball… A fan base built of thousands of dedicated supporters. So supportive it attracted the attention of TBT to be a host site for the tournament.

Ryan Blackwell: “We have a huge following. We went to Atlanta almost all orange. We were in Brooklyn and Philadelphia we had a huge following. I think they knew if we brought it here it would be a huge success.”

Kendra: After looking at building logistics the league selected Onondaga Community College as its winner. Attracting thousands of fans each year, Head Coach of Boeheim’s Army Ryan Blackwell says it will have a big economic impact on the area.

Ryan Blackwell: “Monetary speaking it’s great because people you know go out and watch the games. That means more people are going to go to restaurants or bars.”

Kendra: For OCC it provides the opportunity for more people to visit its campus.

Mike Borsz: “It’s not necessarily on the way to anything so you almost need a reason to be invited here. And I think the tournament is going to do just that.”

Kendra: In preparation of the tournament the college has already started to make adjustments to the facility– including new LED lights to comply with tournament requirements.

Kendra: “While the impact of this tournament will be felt throughout this tournament and the college Coach Blackwell says it’s a unique opportunity for the players as well.”

Ryan Blackwell: “There excited to come home and have the chance to play in front of a packed house of crazed Syracuse fans.”

Mike Borsz: “From the day that it was announced that we were going to be a site. We have had people stopping by the campus trying to buy tickets through us. Which they can’t it’s all online but it’s been very positive.”

Kendra: The nationally televised tournament will be in held at the SRC Arena at OCC July 26th – 28th.

By Kendra Sheehan Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Basketball Tournament, or TBT, is a 64-team single elimination tournament that is televised nationally on ESPN each year.  The local team is Boeheim’s Army named after the legendary Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim.

Because of the strong support from the Orange nation, Syracuse was chosen to be one of the host sites for the tournament. Head Coach of Boeheim’s Army Ryan Blackwell said its a win for everyone involved.

“If its in Syracuse with our huge following I think its pretty much going to sell out which is a huge benefit for everybody,” Blackwell said.

Out of several options, Onondaga Community College, was chosen because its arena could best accommodate the needs of the tournament.  Some construction however is already underway in order for OCC to completely meet TBT’s requirements, such as new LED lights being installed.

“By the time we get to the end of July when were hosting this; we’ll have already put in hundreds of man hours,” said OCC Athletic Director Michael Borsz.

Boeheim’s Army is comprised of several former Syracuse basketball players, giving Syracuse fans the opportunity to cheer on their favorite former players at an arena just miles from their home.

The tournament will be held July 26-28 at the SRC Arena at OCC. Fans can purchase tickets on The Basketball Tournament’s official website.



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