OCC Triple Homicide Sentencing Delayed For the Second Time OCC Triple Homicide Sentencing Delayed For the Second Time

Anthony Saccone's defense attorney misses his court date due to hospitalization.

(Ryan Clarke) Court adjourned just about an hour ago here at the Onondaga County Courthouse. Saccone’s defense attorney could not make it to court this morning due to health concerns following a car accident just a few weeks ago. However, District Attorney William Fitzpatrick doesn’t believe that these injuries are as bad as they say.

(William Fitzpatrick) Wouldn’t any sentient person be suspicious of this … I don’t like these coincidences.

(Ryan Clarke) Fitzpatrick thinks that this may just be a ploy to keep Saccone from being behind bars.

(William Fitzpatrick) Is it possible that Saccone has found his legal soulmate? Yes.

(Ryan Clarke) The sentencing has been pushed to November 19th at 9a.m. Both the prosecution and the judge believe that this trial will wrap up soon.

(Ryan Clarke) Reporting live from the courthouse, I’m Ryan Clarke, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The man accused of killing three young adults during a horrific February automobile crash entered court Wednesday morning with just as much drama as his missing attorney caused. Anthony Saccone visibly resisted his police escort as he was led into the courtroom. He stood alone. His hands and face trembled uncontrollably,  and the court learned his attorney was missing.

Randel Sharf,  Saccone’s defense attorney, did not appear in court due to injuries sustained in a car crash, according to  Judge Matthew Doran.  Since Saccone could not be sentenced without legal counsel present, Doran said he had no choice but to adjourn the court and postpone the sentencing.

However, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said he believed  that there was more going on than just an injury.

“Wouldn’t any sentient person be suspicious of this … I don’t like these coincidences,” Fitzpatrick said,  as he addressed the media following the adjournment announcement by Doran.

Anthony Saccone in a crowded courtroom awaiting comments from the judge and DA.
Anthony Saccone awaits comments from District Attorney William Fitzpatrick and Judge Matthew Doran.
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Fitzpatrick thinks that this may be a ploy to keep Saccone out of prison for at least a short time. He is currently in jail.

“Is it possible that Saccone has found his legal soulmate? Yes,” Fitzpatrick said. “I don’t buy it, not at all.”

Despite the  circumstances, Doran adjourned the court until November 19.  Fitzptrick said telling the victim’s families they have to wait again is one of the toughest things he’s had to do.

“It’s like a root canal, that’s how tough it’s been for these families,” Fitzpatrick said.

Even Doran appeared to be losing patience the delays in sentencing.

“We will be much less lenient if these issues continue to arise,” Doran said.


The crash occurred at approximately 3:40 a.m. at the Intersection of Onondaga Road and Onondaga Boulevard.

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