Onondaga County’s Toys for Tots Increases Donation Sites Onondaga County Toys for Tots Provide More Donation Sites

More Toys for Tots donation sites in Onondaga County

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Onondaga County’s Toys for Tots is has added more donation sites. This initiative has increased the amount the toys being donated and community involvement.

Property manager at Clarendon Heights, Jenna Nichols, said the apartment complex is new to the donation site community. She said it has made her so happy to see the box fill with toys knowing the donations are helping the community around them.

“It’s been nice to see people coming in and giving us different things and you know knowing it’s going back to our community that we live in. It’s nice to see that,” Nichols said.

Staff Sgt. and Toys for Tots  coordinator, Edward Mora, said adding new donation sites is essential to the rising families in need. He said families in need increase each year. This year Toys for Tots is expected over 20 thousand donations compared to the 17 thousand last year.

“To us it’s important to just meet as much need as we possibly can,” Mora said.

Mora has a personal connection to the organization. He said his daughters and wife really push him to collect as many toys as possible to provide for as many kids as possible.

“I have children of my own. It means a lot to me. I couldn’t imagine not being able to support or help my family,” he said.

Mora said community involvement is a big target for adding more donation sites. He said it’s important for those in need to know they have a community around them to support them especially during the holiday season.

“You always kind of need someone to lean on,” he said.

If you would like more information about Toys for Tots or their upcoming distribution day that pairs with the Salvation Army, please visit their website.

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