Oswego is Rebuilding and Renovating Lake Ontario Shoreline Oswego is Rebuilding and Renovating Lake Ontario

OSWEGO, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- Governor Cuomo is spending $43 million   to rebuild the shoreline on Lake Ontario and help the economy.

Twelve million of that will be going towards the Wright’s Marina project. Wright’s Marina was closed for a month this summer due to the severe flooding.

The flooding didn’t only hurt the landscape around the water but local businesses on the shoreline.

One local business owner, David Thompson, lost half of his customers due to the flooding and had to think of different ways to get business.

“There is nothing we can control it is out of our hands I mean I’ll try to run specials and stuff,” Thompson said.

Thompson said that although this summer there was a lot of flooding he is looking forward to the lake’s future.

“When you look out over there you’re going to be able to see the boardwalks. We’re the only bar/restaurant in the city that has a view of the lake. The better they make it out there the better it will help us,” Thompson said.

Billy Barlow, the Oswego Mayor, said they are finally taking advantage of this lake front property.

“Our pier here is a gravel pit right now so we want to transform that into a boardwalk and we think that will encourage people to come to the water front and spend time,” Barlow said.

Gibby’s Irish Pub

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