Pandemic Leads Many to Mind Body Therapy Mind Body Therapy Helps People After the Pandemic

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)-  After the pandemic, many people turned to mind-body healing to help not only their physical health but mental health as well. One of the therapies being used is called Reiki.

Deborah Derusha is a spiritual guidance therapist who practices Reiki at Healing Inspirations. Derusha said that it has become more popular over the years because of the stress of the pandemic, but she did say that many people are also unaware of how this therapy works.

“Reiki is a Japanese word that means life force energy, we all have it we all use it,” Derusha said.

Derusha said that Reiki allows the mind and body to connect and she can reach this level of success while in therapy. Reiki responds differently to everyone but she said that it has an overall positive effect on the body.

Before the therapy begins there are a few steps that need to be done in order for Derusha and other Reiki therapists to become connected to their patients as much as possible. One of those ways is oracle cards.

Once the patient picks their card, they then get further into the therapy which allows the card to connect with the patient’s energy. This may be something the individual is struggling with at the time.  Then she begins.

“I use symbols to get started at the crown of the head, I hold my hand at the crown of their head, I put in symbols which we learn through different Reiki classes,” Derusha said.

Deruhsa said that she knows how to find the energy, starting with hovering her hands over the head, stomach, knees and toes to feel where the healing is most needed.

“If I stayed at the head and didn’t move that energy would go to the sore tore, you know it just knows its way,” Derusha said.

Despite the lack of science on Reiki therapy, many professionals find it very useful to the overall health of a person.

Jonas Chong, a psychiatrist specializing in holistic medicine finds this practice to be beneficial to healing the mind and body.

“From a more scientific or if you want psychological point of view, this is one of the really great benefits of these therapies, people that are more relaxed are more likely to heal because that’s exactly what their bodies need,” Chong said.

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