Parking in Syracuse Proves to be a Struggle for Some Parking in Syracuse Proves to be A Struggle for Some.

NCC News Reporter Justin Wilson: Syracuse has several signs scattered around the city that indicate where it is acceptable to park.

Justin: Some residents have expressed that a lot of those signs are hard to understand.

Justin: Kate, a native of Syracuse, shares how she has had trouble with figuring out where it is okay to park.

Syracuse Resident Kate: I think one things that’s a little confusing is that you have city parking and you have SU parking and you could get a ticket from either one.

Justin: Student’s at Syracuse University also feel that the signs around the city make it difficult to park.

Justin: One SU student expresses her frustration with parking signs.

Syracuse Resident Sophie: There’s a lot going on and the signs are hard to read sometimes, I agree it’s just a lot.

Justin: Syracuse parking services provides many tips on how parking works in the city.

Justin: For more information visit

Justin: Justin Wilson, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Some residents across Syracuse are expressing their frustration and confusion with the way parking is being handled.

All throughout the city there are signs placed near parking areas and garages.

These signs indicate whether certain locations are off limits for parking, they often contain messages about the time and date of when parking is acceptable.

The signs serve to ensure that everyone can park in a safe and responsible manner.

Many residents are confused about how a lot of the parking signs work.

Sophie, a student at Syracuse University says that the signs are not always easy to follow.

“There’s a lot going on and the signs are hard to read sometimes,” said Sophie.

Kate, a native of Syracuse says that she has trouble navigating what areas belong to the city versus other areas, like Syracuse University, that may be off limit.

“I think one thing that’s a little confusing is that you have city parking, and you have SU parking, and you could get a ticket from either one,” said Kate.

Syracuse provides websites and programs with the goal of alleviating the confusion on where and how to park.

The City of Syracuse website provides detailed tips on how to navigate parking within the city.

For more information visit

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