Perfect Timing for National Smoothie Day Amid Heat Wave Perfect Timing for National Smoothie Day Amid Heat Waves in CNY

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — On a hot summer day, there isn’t anything like getting to enjoy a cold ice cream cone, that is unless you prefer smoothies.

June 20 serves as National Smoothie Day and ice cream and smoothie shops across the country are serving up ice cold fruit smoothies. Several shops, like Smoothie King, are even giving out freebies for the day. This day full of cold sweet treats could provide relief to residents across Central New York.

In the last three days, Syracuse and other parts of Central New York have been experiencing near record-breaking temperatures. Some areas reached as high as 93 degrees while feeling like over 100. This three-day heat wave put Syracuse on a heat advisory.

It hasn’t been all bad in Syracuse with these extreme temperatures, several ice cream shops and smoothie stands have had their fair share of customers trying to get a break from the heat.

Two employees at Gannon’s Ice Cream were very excited about National Smoothie Day. Both Sarah and Payton were happy about sharing their love of smoothies with the many customers at Gannon’s Ice Cream.

“I love them, they are a little bit healthier and always go good on a hot day,” said Payton.

Right from the source of the experts themselves, National Smoothie Day is sure to be a crowd pleaser for many overheated Syracuse residents.


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