Pickle Ball is Fastest Growing Sport in America Pickle Ball is the Fastest Growing Sport in America

Central New York is adding more permanent pickle ball courts

Sydney Supple: Pickle ball has become the fastest growing sport in America.

Carrie Spencer: I think when you really start you really get the bug for it and just want to play all the time constantly.

Supple: For those who have heard about the rise in pickle ball let’s take you inside the court as to why

Sharron Porter: The exercise, the camaraderie. I think the big part is getting together with friends. We’ve met so many new friends and we can play any place, it’s an inexpensive sport.

Supple: According to the Association of Pickle ball Professionals there were an estimated 48.3 million pickle ball players in the United State in 2023 as the sport has grown over 223% percent in the game 3 years.

Jackie Peabody: “I was scheduled for a knee replacement in September and my doctor actually wanted me to go in earlier, but I wanted to play this summer, so I am just taking medication icing it and playing through it.

Supple: (stand up I am adding) Now you may be wondering how a sport be so addicting people are wanting to play every day and even through injuries, well it’s relationships that are built on and off the court.

Supple: For these group of women, they did not know each other prior to meeting in an indoor pickle ball league three years ago. Now they spend most of their time on and off the court together.

From Skyway Park…I’m Sydney Supple

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — For the third year in a row, pickle ball has been named the fastest growing sport in America, according to the Association of Pickle Ball Professionals.

“I first started playing five years ago and I have played almost every day since,” said Sharron Porter.

People such as Porter and others credit pickle ball with not only keeping them in physical shape but introducing them to a whole new social life.

At Skyway Park in Syracuse a group of 12 women ranging from 38 to 88 get together every other day to play, all year round. In the winter they play indoors and then the second the sun comes out they are back outdoors for hours a day.

“None of us knew each other before meeting in an indoor pickle ball league, but now I consider them some of my closest friends on and off the court,” said Carrie Spencer.

Pickle ball continues to reach new heights as last year it hit a record high with 48.3 million pickle ball players in the United States and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

As the interest for the sport grows throughout the country and in Central New York, the city of Syracuse has announced it has plans to add new courts. This past August, a 12-court complex was put into Onondaga Lake Park. Following in similar footsteps, Skyway Park has announced plans to implement permanent pickle ball courts.

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