Pools Aren’t the Only Thing Keeping Syracuse Cool Pools Aren't the Only Way to Stay Cool

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Community pools aren’t the only thing keeping people cool this summer; Twin Rinks at the MACC is gearing up to offer some icy fun.

The 20-year-old skating rinks are undergoing maintenance to prepare for the upcoming season. While some might think the rinks just need more water to freeze, the process involves much more. Sanding, flooding, freezing, and then painting are all essential steps.

“So, as we’re working on the Olympic rink, Ace arena is just drying out a little bit. We already started the process a little bit on the far side,” brand manager Cole Parzych said.

Serving about 1.1 million people annually, Twin Rinks aims to create the best experience for skaters. Without a good, working chiller and compressor, the rink wouldn’t be operational.

“The chiller takes the air temperatures outside and converts them down to freezing level so we can, you know, make ice, keep it flat, safe, usable.” Parzych said.

Allocating resources effectively is crucial, and upcoming fundraisers, like the Mets weekend where portions of the proceeds go to the rink, play a significant role in supporting the business.

Delays in maintenance raised questions about whether the rink would be open this season, but Parzych says that in about a week, the rink will be ready for skaters to hit the ice.

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