Proposed Warehouse Leaves Local Residents Upset Proposed Warehouse Leaves Baldwinsville Residents Upset

LYSANDER, N.Y. (NCC News) – The most recent Lysander Town Board meeting ended in a shouting match over United Auto Supply’s plans to bring in a warehouse along Hencle Boulevard and Route 48.

The company has proposed a 350,000-square-foot warehouse on industrial-zoned land that would employ up to 135 people.  However, the main concern for residents is the potential expansion to a 1 million square foot site that would be 40-feet tall.

Rob Helfrich, a local resident, is concerned with the project moving forward and its potential disruption to traffic and the community’s green spaces.

“The big issue is the size and the monstrosity of this facility it will be larger than the great northern mall,” said Helfrich.  “It will be 40 feet high. It’s not in an industrial area.”

There are hundreds of homes within a square mile of the facility that Helfrich says could be impacted by way of traffic and noise.  Helfrich also said the residents are not afraid of new additions coming to town, but is more so concerned with the damage that a project this large can bring.

“Nobody is scared of change, its simply the huge size of this enormous million square foot warehouse,” said Helfrich.

There is currently a GoFundMe and a petition set up for residents opposing the structure. However, not all residents are on the opposing side.  Cindy Clarke, a local resident of the area, has other opinions when it comes to the situation.

“If we’re smart about it, we can work together with the businesses to help offset the taxes, get some tax revenue, and even with the pilot program, which all down the road, that it’ll go to full taxation,” said Clarke.

Clarke is optimistic about the potential jobs the warehouse could bring in and believes residents should embrace the changes to the community.

“There’s a lot of things I didn’t want. It’s just the fear of the unknown. It’s gonna rock your world, but life is about change,” said Clarke.

The Lysander Town Board will reconvene in early July and residents will be able voice their opinions regarding the warehouse.


Location of the incoming warehouse
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