Punching Back in the Fight Against COVID Local businesses get through pandemic because of loyal customers

Local business able to get through pandemic thanks to support of customers.

CHRIS BUERLE : Co-owner of the Original Manny’s on Marshall Street, Bill Nester has been able to stay open through adversity. During COVID, Nester has been able to provide strong numbers through closing and reopening the past 2 years. With businesses closing around him, he says the local customers are the ones keeping him in business.

BILL NESTER : We have been here since 1949 you know. My dad used to shop here and all that. You would hear all kinds of stories, great stories uh how they wanted to stay and keep our business running.

CHRIS BUERLE : He says that his business has had to switch to online shopping. Being closed in-person, Nester made changes to his online site to make the shopping experience easier for his costumers. While customer Ryan DiDiminoco has not had the opportunity to go in-person yet, he still was able to shop online.

RYAN DIDOMINICO : I think it is you know always important to support local businesses.

CHRIS BUERLE: Nester is hoping sales will go back to normal with basketball and football games being back to full capacity on campus at the Carrier Dome. Christopher Buerle, N-C-C news.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – As New York begins to open up, the Original Manny’s, a local Syracuse University gear store, is finding some normalcy after pushing back the threats of closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Nester, co-owner of Manny’s, said that the pandemic really tested the resilience of his store and staff, but he was ready for it.

Nester has been able to keep his store open for more than 73 years on Marshal Street, a common spot for locals and colleges students to visit. And he wasn’t about to let the pandemic close him down.

“There were a few people at Christmas time that wanted to support local businesses which they really kept us in business,” he said. “That was fantastic!”

With the pandemic stretching on, Nester had to find a way to survive during COVID-19 without opening his store in person.

“It did, the online business did pick up,” he said. “It really hurt the small businesses, the local businesses,” said Nester when talking about how the online superstores like Walmart and Amazon were able to have steady sales, while small businesses were left to suffer.

Ryan DiDomenico, a Syracuse student, said that he thinks the best thing he can do to support the city around him is to give back to the community.

“I think it is you know always important to support local businesses,” DiDomenico said.

Nester is thankful that New York State is starting to go back to normal with mask mandates being lifted  in the community.

“There was a lot of support in the community, and we want to thank the community for that.”

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