“Push Ups For Veterans” Raises More Than Double Last Year Eighth Annual

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (NCC News) –  “Push Ups for Veterans” is back for its eighth consecutive year.

Hosted by KW Fitness in Fayettevile, 100% of the event’s proceeds go to Clear Path for Veterans, a group that aims to “physical and emotional well-being and a general sense of self-worth” in those returning from overseas.

KW Fitness Owner Kevin Webb said that when the event moved online last year, they weren’t really sure how to handle it. In year two of the event being virtual, Webb said that they were much more ready.

“Last year we didn’t know what to expect, and really how to address going virtually with an event like that,” Webb said. “This year we figured out a couple of things differently, to do better, and we did them. And obviously it paid off.”

The event has raised over $60,000 over the course of those eight years. Before COVID-19, the event was all in person, but now a mixed format has unlocked the potential for even more donations.

In addition to doing your own pushups, people in the area can pledge to donate money based on how many pushups KW Fitness staff members can do in 90 seconds.

Webb said the 76 pushups he did in those 90 seconds was easier because he knew how much money he was raising.

“Not too bad,” Webb Said. “It definitely helps when people are donating a dollar, two dollars, per pushup for sure.”

Jon Guignard is a trainer at KW Fitness. He said that for him, the event is personal. Both of his grandfathers are veterans. Even if you don’t have that family connection, Guignard said the event is important for the community.

“If you aren’t a veteran, or you don’t have any family members who are veterans, I’m sure if you look within your community, you look within your friend groups, your social groups, someone has given back one way or another,” Guignard said.

While the staff did their pushups over Facebook live. It’s not too late to donate. If you’d like to submit a video of your own pushups, you can do so before they count the final amount on Friday.

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