Quebec Haze Presents Health Threat to CNY Pets Local Vet Says to Take Caution

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Canadian province of Quebec has given a lot of great things in life like the Expos, the Canadiens, even poutine. This haze, however, will be one thing that will go down in infamy for Central New Yorkers and their pets.

The haze has been a nuisance to not only to people, but to pets, too. Experts say dogs and cats should be treated just like humans. Dr. Jamie Lovejoy, a veterinarian at Stark Veterinarian Hospital in Syracuse, said that this inconvenience is not only a problem for people, but also for dogs and cats.

“This is definitely something that we really haven’t come in contact with before,” Lovejoy said. “I think we’re all kind of learning about this together right now and it’s difficult because there’s going to be different recommendations for different pets.”

It’s no secret that the haze is affecting everyone in the eastern part of the United States, even the furry friends as well. But, the biggest piece of advice for pet owners is treat your pets just like yourselves. Lovejoy reiterated this point, saying that it is all that we can do right now.

“Right now, I want you guys to treat your pets like you’re treating yourselves,” Lovejoy said. “Take the same precautions for your pets that you are taking for yourself. Please take the same precautions for yourself that you are doing for your pets.”

The haze has been a major concern to people, and now pets, that have cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Pets that fall under those circumstances must be on close watch at all times.

“Those dogs and cats, we’re going to be a little bit more, you know, aware of and keeping them inside where there’s air conditioning, ventilation,” Lovejoy said. “Where we can keep the air as purified as possible is going to be really helpful for them.”

The more time spent in purified air, the better.



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