Rainy Weekend on Tap for Central New York Weekend Forecast for Syracuse, NY

Your weather forecast for this upcoming weekend, April 11th-14th.

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) –  It could be raining cats and dogs come Friday! Tuesday’s sunny skies are unfortunately in the past as we are expecting showers all weekend long.

Friday, April 12th,  there is a high probability of rain throughout both the day and night. With a high of 63 degrees, it will be quite humid with a possibility of thunderstorms.

Saturday, April 13th, there is also a high probability of rain, but with lower temperatures as the high is 50 degrees. High wind gusts are projected as well.

The weekend is expected to end with more scattered showers on Sunday, April 14th. Like the first two days of the weekend, rainfall is around a quarter of an inch. A lighter wind means it should be a pleasant end to the cloudy weekend.

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