Recent Snow Melt Causes Damaging Salt Runoff Recent Snow Melt Causes Damaging Salt Run-off

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— This week in Syracuse the weather was warmer than usual. With temps in the 50’s for a few days and rain, there was a lot of runoff. Road salt was one of those.

Road salt is harmful to the environment, yet it is released in masses. It puts a vast amount of chloride into the environment.

Fiona Thayer is the director of sustainability for Syracuse University’s Student Association Sustainability Committee. Thayer detailed what happens when salt reaches Onondaga Lake.

“That’s toxic to all the living plants and animals in that environment. So it just poisons the entire environment and kills what is living there,” Thayer said

Salt runoff also corrodes city infrastructure. Thayer said that mitigating the effects may be cheaper than making the repairs.

“When you have an area like Syracuse, that happens to be surrounded by lakes and also is very impacted by snow, its definitely worth the investment,” Thayer said

Governor Kathy Hochul established a Salt Reduction Task Force last month. The task force’s job is to research ways to mitigate the use and effect of road salts.

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