Record Turnout in 2020 Election Record Turnout in 2020 Election

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – In Central New York, races may not have a winner until Monday. Due to a NewYork law, this year counties can not count mail in ballots until November 9th. Some races, like New York’s 24th congressional district between John Katko and Dana Balter are not close as Katko has a 55,000 vote lead. Other races, like the race for State Assembly between Al Stirpe and Mark Venesky are relying on mail in ballots to decide their race. Onondaga County Board of Elections Chairman Dustin Czarny says not being able to count mail in ballots yet is an outdated law.

“The laws have not caught up to what we want and there is going to be a constitutional amendment, next year, hopefully, to go to no excuse absentee and hopefully that will lead to a reform of when we can count these absentees.”

Onondaga county saw record turnout this year estimating that after all three voting options (mail in, early voting, and election day voting) are counted for there will be 20,000-24,000 more voters than in 2016. The previous record in Onondaga County was in 2008 when 220,000 people showed up to vote. Despite long waits and printers going down at some polling places, Czarny says he thinks they handled election night well.

“I thought it was a surprisingly very well run election, for a presidential election,” Czarny said.

In the Presidential election Biden holds a 248 to 213 electoral college lead after picking up Wisconsin. Biden also leads in Michigan, a state that Trump won in 2016. Votes are coming in Pennsylvania as well, a state that Trump is leading. For local elections in Central New York, Czarny says to be patient.

““We need to be patient, let us do our work, we will do our work and that will let us know who the actual winners are in these races.” Czarny said.

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