Red Kettle Campaign To Add Mobile Payments Nationwide Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army's Campaign will now have mobile pay in addition to cash

Red kettle in destiny USASYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- The Salvation Army has started up its Red Kettle Campaign but this year something is different about it. This campaign  introduced  mobile pay in addition to using cash. This small change has many people excited about the future success for this upcoming holiday season.

“People will walk by the kettles and ask our bell ringers well I don’t have change but can I donate with my phone yet,” said Gina Lazara, Public Relations Manager for The Salvation Army.

Lazara said  donations have been thousands of dollars lower the past couple years and to keep up with the times the Salvation Army had to start making changes to help fit the people they are trying to appeal to.

“People are walking by and can tap their phone on the QR Code and complete the process and keep walking,” Lazara said.

Syracuse is one of the biggest Salvation Armies on the east coast due to high poverty rates. That is why achieving the donation goal every year is important to this non-profit.

“It’s more professional for the Salvation Army, i’ve been apart of the Salvation Army for four years,” said Bianca Mapp, one of the volunteers.

Mapp said the addition of the mobile pay will only help boost donations and she feels it creates a sense of professionalism for the non-profit organization. She says it is stepping up and becoming more like the other companies. It’s a generational change that is inevitable.

This year the kettles can be found at:

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