Rent Increasing in Syracuse Rent Increasing in Syracuse

By Kylan Watson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Syracuse residents are experiencing a 10% increase in rent prices.

That is according to Zumper, an apartment listing website. But, it is not just Syracuse, it is all of Onondaga County seeing a rental rate increase.

Nationally one-bedroom apartments in Syracuse have gone up 1.5% from 2018. That comes out to about $1,216 per month average.

Other cities that are experiencing this type of change are Chandler, Arizona; Fresno, California; Anchorage, Alaska; and Spokane, Washington.

“It’s hard to analyze exactly where the biggest impact is. We have had an increase in market rate. Or luxury even housing in the downtown and  university area,” according to Sharon Sherman, the executive director of the Greater Syracuse Tenants Network.

Luxury apartments in the university area like Campus West, Aspen Heights, the Marshall, Theory Syracuse, just to name a few. Despite this, increase it is happening all over the area.

“All over the cost of housing just continues to rise. And it’s happening all over even in the most low income situation,” she said.

Students are a big reason why prices are increasing.

“Many people take advantage of the fact that students want to live in a luxury apartment,” Sherman said.

For some students, like Mylz Blake, on-campus living is not for them they want to have all the benefits of a luxury apartment and some move downtown.

“So I upgraded to luxury apartments. Now that I am living out here. I have a gym I have utilities included nice furnishings, something I’m not really used to,” Blake said.

The Syracuse Common Council took up a measure to help with regulating prices.

That measure stalled during the executive session Monday, however.

Danielle: Our Kylan Watson tells us what is being done to combat these prices.
Kylan: Thanks Danielle and Tamar. Now as I said earlier today at 4 pm. Rent prices are going up here in Syracuse.
But, its not just here in Syracuse. It is happening all over Onondaga County. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
Rent is going up 10.89%.According to Sharon Sherman even though the data for rent is based on population data from the census.
There are separate smaller censuses done on housing costs.
Now she says she can’t put her finger on why these increases keep happening. But, she said what it should be based on…
Sharon Sherman:”Luckily for our tenants living in subsidized/Section-8 type housing. The rents are regulated and the rent there is based on one-third of their income.”

Kylan: Well guys this week is National Housing week. So the Greater Syracuse Tenant Network, held a livestream earlier today. Where they talk about affordable housing and where you can find it.
Also they say they will continue to fight for affordable housing for people here in Onondaga County and specifically in Syracuse.
And mostly for those who are severely affected by this which are low-income people.
That does it for me Danielle and Tamar back to you.

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