Restaurant Owner Explains Dining Week Discounts How The Dining Week Discounts Affect Restaurants' Profits

Downtown Dining Week will return in 2 weeks.

sign board in restaurant
The Brine Well Eatery was opened last April.
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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – As local restauranteurs finalize their menus for Dining Week, one owner said despite the heavily discounted prices, his business won’t lose profits during Dining Week.

Devon Hubbard owns the Brine Well Eatery, which opened last April. He’s in Dining Week for the first time. Hubbard said he will offer a buy-one-get-another-for-50% since he doesn’t offer many appetizers.  The three-course meal option that many restaurants offer didn’t make as much sense. But he says they won’t lose money for their discounts.

“You know, there is a 30% profit margin in there after everything is taken out,” Hubbard said. “So if you take away that with buy-one-give-one-50%-off, it’s not really losing that much.”

Hubbard regarded Dining Week as a long term investment. He hoped that customers who visit during Dining Week will come back or talk about his place to their friends.

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