Ryan McMahon Announced Verizon as the Vendor for the Broadband Initiative Ryan McMahon Announced Verizon as the Vendor for the Broadband Initiative

LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (NCC News)–  The County Executive Ryan McMahon has announced that Verizon will be the vendor for the Broadband Initiative. The initiative is meant to provide broadband to underserved households that don’t have access to the internet. However, McMahon thinks this will lead to a boost in the population.

“When we’re taking about a community that’s 477,000 people today,” McMahon said.” But we know with what’s coming is likely gonna be over 600,000 people within five to 10 years this infrastructure is needed for these communities to compete for investment.”

McMahon thinks this new development is critical for these communities to succeed in the future.

“This isn’t about planning for yesterday’s Central New York. This about planning for tomorrows Central New York,” McMahon said. “The newest semi-conductor hub of memory technology in the world. This infrastructure gonna be critical for these communities to compete for population growth and economic development investment moving forward.”

County Legislator David Knapp believes this development could also benefit new and small businesses in the community.

“Can’t tell you how many folks wanted to start small businesses in the towns down here, but can’t because they don’t have broadband,” Knapp said. “And so, this will open up the gates to lots of other small businesses. A lot of our farms can’t expand because of technology, and so you know this is going to solve a lot of our problems from that standpoint too. So, it won’t just be direct jobs stringing the line. It’s gonna be following jobs down the road.”

McMahon said the total investment into the initiative is 18 million dollars.

“11.1 million dollars from the County of Onondaga,” McMahon said. ” Seven million dollars matched from Verizon. That’s an incredible match. This was not the cheapest proposal, but because Verizon put so much skin in the game, it was the best proposal moving forward.”


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