Ryan McMahon announces 30th Lights on the Lake Ryan McMahon announces 30th Lights on the Lake

BY: Josh Widman SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)– Onondaga County Executive, Ryan McMahon announced the 30th Lights at the Lake today at Onondaga Lake Park. The county partners with Wegmans and Galaxy Media to present the event that begins on November 12th.

“The Lights on the Lake is a bucket list item for Central New York families during the holiday season,” McMahon said. “As everybody can attest.”

There are five events that make up the Lights on the Lake. Two of which are a dog walk and pedestrian-only walk that suggest a $2 donation.  While it is a fun experience for participants, providing amusement and entertainment to Central New Yorkers isn’t the only reason for the event.

“The reason we’re doing this is Upstate Golisano’s Children’s Hospital is celebrating its 10th anniversary,” Galaxy Media COO Carrie Wojtaszek said. “So, a portion of the proceeds will go directly back to Upstate Golisano’s Children’s Hospital.”

There will also be a toy drive to benefit the hospital. Tickets went on sale today and are available at all area Wegmans until November 12th. Pre-sale tickets are $6 for Monday-Thursday and $15 for Friday-Sunday. If you choose to wait to purchase your tickets at the gate, it will cost you a few extra dollars.


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