Salt City Pro-Am Tournament: Uniting Community Through Basketball Salt City Pro-Am Tournament: Uniting Community Through Basketball

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Formerly known as the Elite Basketball Club, the Salt City Pro-Am Tournament isn’t just a rebrand—it’s a revitalization of community spirit and basketball talent in Central New York. 

Spearheaded by owner Mike Sugamosto, this event aims to bring together basketball enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds under one roof, celebrating the athletic diversity of Syracuse.

“I think this is a pretty talent-rich city,” said Sugamosto. “Being able to put it all in one room and do it safely, we’ve accomplished the mission of bringing everyone together to play and watch basketball.”

The tournament has drawn attention not only from avid basketball fans but also from local sports figures like Syracuse University running back LeQuint Allen, taking a break from the football field to enjoy the local atmosphere.

 “I never usually see basketball,” said Allen. “So I like to see who stands out. I just love watching the game when I get the chance to see it.”

For Sugamosto, the tournament represents more than just sports—it’s about fostering community unity through a shared passion. 

“It’s more than just basketball, it’s more than just running a business,”said Sugamosto. “It’s about bringing everyone together who shares the same love and passion for the game.”

To all the basketball enthusiasts who haven’t experienced the Salt City Pro-Am Tournament yet, Sugamosto has a message.

“Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness these players up close and personal. Come join us and be part of something special,” said Sugamosto. 

The tournament will run through Aug. 2 at the St. Joseph’s Church. 


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