Samaritan Medical Builds Center For Women In Watertown Samaritan Medical builds new facility for women

This facility will bring multiple different services to one location

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (NCC News)Samaritan Medical women’s wellness and breast care center opens Nov. 25. This center is different that anything that the north country has ever had. In the past women had to schedule annual examinations and then if something was wrong they would get sent to a specialist that could be over a three hour drive away.

“There is a lot of patients that don’t want to drive through the Syracuse area,” said Kate Simpson, the nurse manager at Samaritan.

Samaritan Womens Wellness
Inside the women’s wellness center in Watertown,N.Y.
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The new center will bringing multiple services to one location saving people time and money. This center will have:

  • radiology
  • a breast care surgeon
  • OBGYN’s

“Typically health care its a continuous cycle there is follow up there is more appointments so its never typically just one there is a series of them so then you compound what that looks like so the real savings for patients is quiet large,” said Leslie Distefano, the public relations manager for Samaritan Medical.

A major issue Distefano sees is that women have to take a lot of time off of work to drive all over to receive the proper health care. Now with the addition of this facility they won’t have to.

“If I have to travel and receive all these service I would probably have to go two and a half hours away,” said Simpson.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held last Wednesday to show new and older patients what this facility will bring the table. On Monday patients can start receiving these health care services.

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