Showing You How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill Showing You How to Save on Your Electricity Bill

 SYRACUSE, NY. (NCC News) –National Grid said residents should expect to pay less for gas and more for electricity this winter with residents electricity bills predicted to rise at least 4.5%.

Jay Herring, resident of Syracuse, said it gets colder and colder by the day. He takes extra precautions to in order for him to know that he can sleep throughout the night without getting cold.

“I always have the heat on and I bought electric heaters to put around my house,” Herring said.

Herring detailed what he wears around his apartment in order to stay warm on a day to day.

“Usually a blanket, or jogging pants, sweaters, thermos, hats anything I can keep warm in,” Herring said.

Herring also said, he wants to stay warm but he doesn’t want to spend a ton of money to do it.

Sally Ward, Director of the Department of Energy and Housing for PEACE Inc., in Syracuse said there are many different precautions you can take in order to save a little on your next electricity bill.

“Turning down your thermostat for every degree you turn it down you can save 1 percent on your energy bill, so if you turn it down 5 degrees there 5 percent savings,” Ward said.

Another way Ward said people don’t realize can cause energy consumption is by….

“Making sure furniture isn’t covering your heat registers,” Ward said.

Ward said PEACE Inc., mission is to reduce energy consumption for eligible families. Which includes many different services. 

“As installing walls and attics, cleaning and tuning the furnaces, weather stripping doors, air ceiling, all things that will help reduce their overall all cooling cost,” said Ward.

The average waiting time for services like those can take anywhere from 24-36 months, but Ward said.

“That times going to come and go whether your on the waiting list or not, so we do get to everybody and its certainly worth the wait,” Ward said.

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