Small Business Show Reveals Secret For Success Small Business Show Reveals Secret for Success

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – How would you feel if you only had a 50% chance to be successful in five years? That’s the question every small business faces. According to a recent report from Fundera, only half of all small businesses are able to survive after five years.

At the 2019 Syracuse Small Business Show, local business owners are trying to figure out how they can be on the right side of that 50%. This year, the show debuted a new presentation that might have the key for success.

The presentation covers advertising in the digital age. The show’s producer and promoter Steve Becker says a digital presence is absolutely critical for a successful small business.

“If you want to succeed, you have to establish yourself digitally”, Becker said. “With social media becoming bigger and bigger, a digital presence is key for small businesses here.”

One small business that can help with that is RunningBoards. RunningBoards is an advertising and marketing company that employs a unique way to get the word out about a company. They have a truck, which they named DAV, that drives around. On the truck are digital screens on the back and both sides. These screens switch from one advertisement to the next, essentially a digital billboard on wheels. Vice President Zach Yelle says this way is much better for a company to market themselves.

“What makes our way of advertising work is that we go to the people”, Yelle said. “When you have a static billboard, you wait on people to come to you.”

The truck even has its own Twitter account, @DAV_InRealLife.

RunningBoard truck's Twitter account

While it is critical to establish a digital presence, Becker emphasizes the need for small businesses to keep it old-fashioned as well.

“You still have to go out and meet people”, Becker said. “Social media is important, but networking in person is also critical. That’s why we have this show every year, so people can establish connections.”

With new-age advertising and old-fashioned networking, small businesses have a chance to be the 50% that survives and thrives.

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