Snowy Weather Means Bus Route Changes in Syracuse Winter Weather Means Bus Delays in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Public transportation systems will have to adapt as temperatures drop in Syracuse. To accommodate icy roads and a build up of snow, Centro will require buses to detour to ¨snow routes.¨

Jay Haze, a Centro bus driver, said one of the biggest issues he’s seen is when the city doesn’t do an adequate job of snow plowing the streets. He said if there are still piles of snow on the streets when the buses try to drive it can threaten bus safety.

“If the city’s not plowing, the bus might get stuck and then theres people sliding off the road,” Haze said.

Haze said if the roads are well kept buses can operate just fine. He said depending on severity of snow buildup, however, buses can see anywhere from 15 to 45 minute delays, “maybe even up to an hour,” or over.

Centro bus driver David Wynn said another reason  “snow routes” are vital for safety is because they avoid  turnpikes, sharp turns and steep hills that are typically used on a sunny day- but pose a threat on a snowy one.

“We don’t go up certain hills just so the buses don’t slide,”  Wynn said “we wanna keep a safe route. ”

He said buses still have to adhere to a strict schedule, but if they are delayed- it’s a small price to pay for rider safety.

Centro’s latest public transportation information can be found here  and on their twitter account here.

People can use the Centro mobile app to follow live updates on bus transit, route delays and traffic warnings.

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