Solvay family collects band-aids for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital Solvay family collects band-aids for Upstate Golisano Hospital

Sometimes the smaller things in life can have a big impact.

Daniella Disque suffers from a rare disease that causes liver failure and just received a new liver in May 2014. This means constant hospital visits, viruses, and things like getting her blood drawn.

“She’s done so well after transplant,” said her mother, Christine Lariviere. “But, every time she gets sick, she’s runs a fever, she ends up in the hospital.”

She's been unhooked from her iv fluids to see how she does drinking and keeping herself hydrated. Thanks to our most…

Posted by Biliary Atresia-Daniella Lee on Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lariviere said that Daniella’s used to the lab work but “loves to have a certain type of band-aid.”

“She was yelling out that she wanted the princess band-aid and the nurses were doing what they could, running around trying to find them and track them down, but there wasn’t too many there,” said Lariviere.

This gave her family the idea to start a band-aid drive for sick children at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.

“I put it on her Facebook page and I post on my Facebook page, my daughter started a band-aid drive for Golisano’s and made that public, and that’s all really what we’ve been doing,” said Lariviere.

The family has collected a little over 300 boxes of band-aids and expects to collect 100 to 200 more.

Have I mentioned how awesome you all are? Look at all these Band-Aids for the children's hospital. ?Daniella did an interview today about the Band-Aid drive so I'll post that as soon as I get a link.Thank you all so much for helping us do this! We are waiting on a big amazon shipment then hoping to get them delivered in two weeks. ???

Posted by Biliary Atresia-Daniella Lee on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Certified Childlife Specialist Gina Lozitio-Yorton said one of the most impactful things about this drive is that children have a choice.

“Giving them any sort of control helps them feel better, so having a band-aid that you like after you’ve been poked to put it over where they took out an IV or where they drew your blood of course makes them happy and it looks cool too,” said Lozito-Yorton.

Lozito-Yorton added that a simple band-aid can lead children to having higher spirits and help them heal faster.

“We all heal faster when we’re in a better mood, when things are going the way we want them to go, when we have some control, when things are more positive, that helps kids get out of bed faster, which helps to promote healing,” said Lozito-Yorton.

The Disque family will be wrapping up the drive just before Thanksgiving.

If you would like to donate band-aids to Upstate in the future, the hospital prefers Band-Aid brand because they are latex free.

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