SPD – Marshal Street: Man Arrested for Taking Inappropriate Photos Near Syracuse University, Students Concerned Arrest Near Syracuse University Stirs Safety Concerns Among Students,

It’s been just about a week since a man was arrested on Marshall Street, merely steps away from Syracuse University, and the student community is still reeling from the shock. The unsettling incident has left some students feeling uneasy, particularly after police reported that a 30-year-old male was caught taking inappropriate photos of individuals close to the campus.

One concerned student shared, “My dorm is pretty close to Marshall Street. You know, I would like to feel safe where I live, and just walking on Marshall Street to get something to eat, I don’t want people to be taking pictures of me. I hope that the school will do something to prevent another situation like this from happening. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for all of us.”

The individual in question, Thomas B. Kudo, was apprehended by the Syracuse City Police Department on Marshall Street last Tuesday. His arrest came after a swift response from law enforcement, following the initial 911 call reporting suspicious activity. The location of the arrest was a mere 2-minute drive from where the call was made, emphasizing the close proximity of the incident to the campus.

However, the situation escalated quickly when Kudo attempted to flee. “He tried to flee in his vehicle, drove forward hitting a parked car, and then reversed into another. During the struggle, while the officer was in the car, a violent dog inside bit the officer across the face,” recounted the police report. Kudo now faces charges including second-degree unlawful surveillance, obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and tampering with physical evidence.

In an exclusive interview, Kudo’s mother, Andrea, defended her son, insisting on his innocence. “Syracuse Police said the call came in of suspicious activity at 1100 East Genesee at 3:07 PM, and I was on the phone with him at 3:14 PM, just 7 minutes later. I was under the impression he was making a delivery. With the cold upstate New York temperatures, I can’t imagine him taking inappropriate photos of anyone. It was too cold for anyone to be wearing skirts, which is what they’re accusing him of photographing. That’s the biggest red flag right there,” she stated.

Despite Andrea’s claims, Syracuse City Police Lieutenant Matthew Malinowski noted that this wasn’t their first encounter with Kudo. “He was known to us, and we’ve had previous interactions,” Malinowski revealed.

A spokesperson for Syracuse University declined to comment extensively on the matter, stating, “There’s not much we can offer as it’s SPD conducting the investigation.” Meanwhile, Andrea disclosed that her son remains behind bars, and his dog has been placed in quarantine as the investigation proceeds.

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