St. Joseph’s Makes Efforts to Recruit Nurses in Shortage St. Joseph's Makes Efforts to Recruit Nurses in Shortage

St. Joseph's addresses its nursing shortage with programs and strong reputation.

Brooke Borzymowski: An aging workforce, relocation to areas with higher Covid numbers, and stress are factors in Central New York’s nursing shortage. Chief Nursing Officer Yuri Pashchuk said Saint Joseph’s positive reputation helps recruit and retain nurses.

Yuri Pashchuk: Giving them opportunities to advance and grow, supporting them through a nurse residency program. All those help define who we are as an organization and really set our nurses apart.

Borzymowski: Pashchuk says Saint Joe’s own College of Nursing offers flexible programs to pursue a nursing career in addition to a recent joint effort with Saint Peter’s.

Pashchuk: Saint Peter’s Health also allows us to collaborate with their colleges of nursing and developing programs, expanding programs that we might now have on campus to bring in additional pipelines to grow our staff.

Borzymowski: Pashchuk encourages anyone interested in nursing to research what Saint Joe’s has to offer. Brooke Borzymowski, NCC News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Daycares abruptly closed, high-risk family members needed more attention, and metropolitan areas required more health care providers as they became coronavirus hotspots.

When the pandemic began in 2020, nurses were the first ones to surrender their lives and professions to offer support wherever it was needed.  Yuri Pashchuk, Chief Nursing Officer at St. Joseph’s Health Hospital, said these factors and nurses’ willingness to serve have stressed the nursing industry to the shortage it experiences now.

Pashchuk said it is difficult to determine the number of nurses he would consider normal for operation. The number fluctuates based on patient needs and the network of outpatient surgical centers, offices, and procedural areas, but Pashchuk noted he needs about 150 to 200 nurses to get to where the hospital should be.

To return to their pre-COVID capacity, St. Joseph’s relies on their positive reputation as a “high performing organization with great quality outcomes.”  Pashchuk said colleagues and new nurses want to be a part of a hospital that gives them opportunities to grow, balance life, understand the physical and emotional demands of their workforce.   He believes St. Joseph’s does that and more.

The hospital has its own College of Nursing that offers traditional and non-traditional programs, tuition assistance, and flexible schedules to those who want to advance in the field.  Students pursuing a nursing degree with the college undergo training and preparation so once they complete their schooling, they have a direct pipeline to become a professional staff member.  But there is more to the solution than just recruitment.


Sign outside St. Joseph's for their College of Nursing
St. Joseph’s has its own College of Nursing that acts as a pipeline for those looking to pursue a degree in nursing and later come onboard as professional staff.
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“It’s not just about nursing,” Pashchuk said.  “It’s also about developing a support system around the nurses.” That’s why St. Joseph’s is looking to expand their staff of patient care technicians and implement a cardiac ultrasonography program for those who may want to pursue healthcare but not right in nursing.

At St. Joseph’s Hospital, Pashchuk said the staff feels like they work for an organization that hears them, understands them, and puts their voices first.  As one of the region’s top hospitals, the nurses also stand out as high performers, and Pashchuk is “very proud of the caliber of staff that [the hospital] can deliver.”

Pashchuk encouraged anyone interested in nursing or moving to the area to connect with the hospital and find out what they are all about.  “We’ve always had this reputation, but now more than ever, people want to see it.”

See more about what St. Joseph’s has to offer, check out their mission, hear from their nurses, and learn about current openings here.

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