Students Compete in First Ever NCC News Golf Open NCC News Hosts First Golf Open

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) — The first ever NCC News Open was held on Saturday at Fairmount Glen miniature golf course. The only group of the day included graduate students Patrick Smith and Jonathan Kinane. Both students competed in a friendly 18-hole match of mini golf.

Both highly invested in the game of golf and battled it out for the first time ever. The match started off neck and neck with a birdie on the first hole then a few pars. On the 5th hole, Patrick made a hole-in-one taking a 1 shot lead over Jonathan, but it fell apart for Patrick on the 7th as Jonathan made a hole-in-one while Patrick made a 5, setting Jonathan up with a 3 shot lead heading into the 10th hole.

On the back 9, Patrick crawled back taking the lead on the 12th. But it was too much from there on, as Jonathan won the first NCC News Open at Fairmount Glen.

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